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Sedation Dentistry

Our office provides treatment options for all of our patients. Typically all patients receive local anesthetic which allow treatment to occur without any discomfort. Some patients who feel anxious about getting dental treatment can receive nitrous oxide alone or in combination with a sedation medication. Oral sedation can be done with a medicine called triazolam which is given to the patient who takes the medication one hour prior to the appointment and may require additional medication when the patient arrives for treatment.

IV conscious sedation is the most profound anesthesia offered at our office. Typically a medicine called Versed is used which allows for a deep sleep-like state. An additional benefit of this type of anesthesia is that the patient does not remember any of the procedures performed. Oral or IV conscious sedation requires the patient to have an escort drive them to and from the office and not to eat or drink eight hours prior to the appointment. On the day of the appointment Dr. Calantone and Lyndsay will monitor the patient with cardiac monitoring, blood pressure and oxygen saturation equipment. Since Dr. Calantone routinely works as a paramedic, the monitoring and intravenous are procedures he performs on a regular basis. Since most sedation appointments are longer than typical appointments frequently most if not all treatment can be completed in one visit.